Hangin' with Maria Montessori in the Windy City

Thanks so much to the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools and Near North Montessori for hosting me at such a fantastic conference. I knew going into this weekend that I would be preaching to a thoroughly converted choir, that Montessori teachers are advocates for their students' autonomy and the power of intrinsic motivation. However, I had no idea I'd meet such a smart and dedicated group of teachers and administrators. I was moved and inspired.

Here's the bibliography for my talk, including all of the books and studies I specifically mentioned in my talk to both parents and administrators, and the keynote for teachers.

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Books referenced in my talk:

William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I

Study: inflated praise makes children with low self-esteem feel worse. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_143884.html

Not referenced, but also interesting:

James M. Lang, Cheating Lessons: Learning from AcademicDishonesty (kids don’t cheat on tasks for which they are intrinsically motivated)