Episode 8: #DeadofExposure, Should You Write for Free and Great Long Reads

...in which Jess's heart acts up and KJ worries about the atrophy of certain writing muscles, and inspiration striking at the wrong time.

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Should You Write for Free?

I did, once, for The AtlanticHere's the piece I wrote for free that went viral and led to The Gift of Failure.

Well Family pays!

Washington Post On Parenting pays! 

Motherwell Magazine pays! 

Jess' blog

KJ's blog

College Application Essay by Paul Rudnick in the New Yorker

The Long Rescue by Sonia Falerio in Harper’s Magazine 

Deca, a long-form stories to read on mobile devices, subscription servic

The Self-Reliance Manifesto

Alone, at the History Channel

How Women Decide: What's True, What's Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices

Ad about woman looking in the mirror and rehearsing asking for a raise

The Chewbacca mask video that my friend Carol Blymire alleges is a publicity stunt. And Carol should know, because she's a brilliant PR professional herself

Word of Mouth interview between Virginia Prescott and Joe Hill

And I went back and re-read, and no, Stephen King's The Green Mile is not appropriate for my kid or my rehab students unless I cut vast swaths of it (sexual violence, execution scene), so I nixed that idea I still think it's a great story, though, and I did use the serialized story idea in class this week with my students. We wrote stories with a cliffhanger, stories that would make a reader want chapter two.

The PBS Anne of Green Gables series

K.J.'s piece on how people with disabilities handle public restrooms at New York TimesWell Family

GAO report on foster care and higher education access

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