Episode 42: #ThinkLikeAPirate

...in which Jess and KJ welcome Sarina Bowen back to the show to discuss piracy, and what writers can do about it. Sarina makes fighting back easy, offers up some helpful courses of action, and Jess and KJ talk about their reading this week.

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DMCA letter is located at http://www.sarinabowen.com/dmca 

Please note than when you issue a takedown (also known as a cease and desist or a DMCA letter) many sites will ask you to include a legitimate link to the work. In the case of a book, I link to the legal copy on Amazon.com. In the case of a blog post, you'd link to the original news source. Read the fields carefully, and don't be intimidated by the legal language.

Google is a big company with lots of products where content lives (think Blogger, Youtube...) They have a handy menu to help you send your notice to the proper place. Follow the instructions carefully: 


To ask Google to stop indexing search results for pirated work:


To ask Facebook to remove pirated content: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/634636770043106 

To find out who owns any website: 

Sarina also mentioned http://blasty.co/ and https://link-busters.com/