Random Acts of Linus


At the end of the day yesterday, I was SO excited to pick the first Gift of Failure galley winner. Unfortunately, nature intervened and messed with my plans. In my universe, Linus is a cute kid with a blanket and a combover, but apparently, this storm is ramping up into something serious, and it threatened to mess with a speaking gig I booked over a year ago.

I am giving a keynote speech this week at the American Camp Association national conference, and was scheduled to fly out on Monday, mid-Linus. After an hour and a half on hold with Southwest Airlines, I snagged a flight out today. About ten minutes ago, I held my own little lottery drawing party in my hotel room in New Orleans.  

It was all very exciting. I was determined to make this drawing as legit as possible, so I exported my subscriber list from MailChimp into Excel, then used Random.org to come up with a random record number. That number was 268, and the winner is...

Tim Lahey. My husband. Seriously. 

On to random number selection two, which is....number 569. Congratulations, number 569! I've contacted that person by email, and will ship out January's galley from New Orleans as soon as I hear back! 

Be warm and safe, everybody.