Savage Love

It's been a pretty wonderful couple of weeks. The final page proof edits are done on my book, The Gift of Failure (August 11, 2015) and I got to spend a couple of days with my vacationing husband before heading off to New York City for work that was definitely all play. 

While I was copyediting, researching, writing, and interviewing someone so cool I had to pinch myself (that piece will be out soon in The Atlantic) a couple of other articles were published that I'm really proud of. 

First, I wrote a piece on how teachers can support and help students who have experienced trauma - and remember, that's one out of every four students sitting in American classrooms today. That article can be read here

Next, a "Parent-Teacher Conference" column at the New York Times that I meant to be a funny, feel-good holiday piece has generated more angry emails than any of my articles combined. Go figure. The piece, about the death of Santa in our house, can be read here. Don't send me angry emails if you hate it, please. I already have plenty. 

Then today, the newest installment in my series of interviews with unconventional educators came out in The Atlantic. I have wanted to interview Mythbuster Adam Savage for ages, so I was thrilled when he finally accepted. As luck would have it, he was passing through New England on his Behind the Myths tour, and we had a great time gabbing about education, play, failure, and the building cool stuff on his tour bus before showtime. That piece can be read here

Big thanks to Adam Savage for being so generous with his time, and if you've never seen an episode of Mythbusters, you should rectify that situation as soon as you get a chance. Start with the early seasons, and enjoy. We certainly have. 

                                                             Courtesy of Adam Savage

                                                             Courtesy of Adam Savage