Out With the Old, In With the Book!

Around 8:00 last night, just as I was tucking in to a cup of tea and a night of research, I headed out in to the mudroom for a couple of logs for the wood stove. And there, waiting just inside the threshold of my front door, was a large box. Too large to be the Edgar Allan Poe t-shirt I'd ordered, too small to be GumNut the Koala...

I hardly dared hope, but it was true. Hours before the stroke of midnight, on the last day of 2014, the advance copies of my book had arrived. 

Which means it's time to announce the much-anticipated and alliterative Great Gift of Failure Giveaway! 

On the last day of each month between Jan 1 and July 31, 2015, I will select a name at random from all the subscribers to my website and that person will receive a signed advance copy of The Gift of FailureIf you are receiving this email, that means you have already signed up for my website, are already entered to win a book, and will continue to be eligible every month - as long as you don't go crazy and unsubscribe. 

Thank you for signing up, and good luck!